How can I access my T2202a form?

You can access your T2202A tax form at Acadia Central by logging in using your student ID and network password. The T2202A link is on the left hand side (close to the end of the list).

More information available under Policies and Procedures.



Why can't I access the online transcript or grade information?

If you have an outstanding balance on your student account (check your balance by logging into your student site through the central.acadiau.ca/home website) you cannot access transcripts or grade information.

I have a credit on my student account, what are my options?

A credit on your student account can be left on there to be used towards future terms balances, or you may request that it be returned to you. Requests for refunds can be made through the HUB, by choosing "Student Account Refund" under Student Account Services.  Refund requests that are received prior to noon on Tuesdays will have a cheque available for pick up or mail on Friday of the same week after 10:30am.  Refund requests received after noon on Tuesdays will be released the following Friday.


How can I find out how much I owe?

You can access your account balance by checking your student statement by logging into Acadia Central using your student ID and network password.

How do I opt out of the ASU Medical and/or Dental plans?

With regard to the Acadia Students' Union health and dental plans, we are pleased to offer you the option to opt out online before September 30, 2019.  Please refer to the following instructions:

  • Have a scanned copy (or a digital photo) of your insurance information available.
  • Visit www.studentbenefits.ca
  • Select “Acadia Students’ Union, ASU”
  • Select “Opt Out Now”
  • Complete the “Opt Out Form”
  • Attach your “Proof of Coverage” file
  • Select “Submit”


Note: Once the opt out process is complete, the adjustment to the student’s account gets made later (normally in late September when the approved list of opt outs is sent to Student Accounts).

What banks are available in town? Are there bank machines on campus?

The Bank of Montreal and the Royal Bank have branches available on Main Street in Wolfville.  Each has a bank machine.  In addition, there is a bank machine in the Student Union Building and in the Beveridge Arts Centre.

What do I do if my student loan hasn't come in by the beginning of the term?

You must visit the Student Accounts office in person with a copy of your loan assessment page to obtain a payment extension.