Canadian Options

You can use a combination of payment methods to pay the balance on your student account.  Please ensure payments are received by our office on or before the payment deadline dates.

Make a Bank Payment

The cheapest, easiest, fastest and most secure way to pay your fees is using online banking.  We accept payments made through TD Canada Trust, Bank of Nova Scotia, BMO, CIBC, Royal Bank, National Bank and Credit Unions.  Simply add Acadia University as a bill payment “payee” and use your student ID number (9-digit ID typically starting 100..., 1000... or 000..., 7-digit Colleague ID preceded by 2 additional zeros or 9-digit Application Reference ID) as the “account number”. 

If you are making payment for your admission deposit, please forward a copy of your payment confirmation to so that we may track your payment to the correct account.


Bank payments can take 1 -3 business days to appear on your student account.

Pay in Person

You can pay in person at our office using:

  • Cash (Canadian and US)
  • Cheque, money order or bank draft made payable to Acadia University.  Please ensure your student ID number is noted on the cheque.  
  • Debit (please note, we cannot accept International debit cards)

We also have a payment drop box located in the hallway outside of our office.

By Mail

Cheques can be mailed to:

Acadia University
Student Accounts
Box 9, 15 University Avenue
Wolfville NS B4P 2R6

Please ensure payments made by this method are sent in enough time to be received by the payment due date.  Please ensure the student ID number is noted on all cheque payments. Redemption

Students can now pay for fees by redeeming Aeroplan Miles® or TD Points to pay tuition through

  • 35,000  Aeroplan Miles® can be converted to $250 worth of credits at Acadia University.  Students can also convert Aeroplan Miles® of family or friends to help pay for school.
  • 62,500 TD Points can be converted to $250 worth of credits at Acadia University.

For more information or to set up an account please contact

Canada Student Loans

We receive provincial and federal student loan files electronically throughout the academic year starting in mid-August.  In order to process your loan file you must meet the following eligibility requirements:

  • Be registered in at least 60 percent of a full course load (9 or more credit hours in a term) for both the fall and winter terms (40% for students with permanent disabilities – 6 credit hours in a term)
  • Your program of study on your loan file must match your registered program of study at Acadia University

We will request that some or all of your loan funding be sent to your student account to pay your fees for the applicable term. 

  • If your loan funds are not sufficient to cover your costs, you are responsible for ensuring any balance remaining is paid in a timely manner.
  • If your loan funds exceed the amount owed on your student account the excess amount will be sent to your personal bank account by the provincial or federal student loan office.

You will receive an email at your Acadia email address from us advising when we have processed your loan file. 

If you have not received an email from us advising that we have processed your loan file by the fee payment deadline dates, you must contact the Student Accounts office in person to arrange a payment extension (proof of your loan application is required).

Student loan funds are split 60/40 between the academic terms. 


If your fees are being paid in whole or in part by a third-party sponsor, you must provide the Student Accounts office with your sponsorship agreement letter by the first day of classes so that we may prepare the invoice.

Your sponsorship letter must include the following information:

  • Your full name and Student ID number
  • What is being sponsored (tuition, student fees, residence, meal plan, books etc)
  • What time frame the agreement covers (fall, fall/winter, winter etc.)
  • Maximum amount covered if applicable
  • Sponsors full name, contact name and address, email and fax number

Invoices are prepared and sent starting October 15th for the fall term and February 15th for the winter term (subject to change).

You will be responsible for ensuring payment is made for any amounts not covered by your sponsorship agreement by the fee payment deadline dates.

Interest will not accrue on student accounts covered by sponsorship agreements.

External Scholarships and Bursaries

If you have received an external scholarship and bursary, congratulations!

If the organizations requires a proof of enrolment document before they will release the funds, you can request this through your self-service site or by emailing  The document will be released to your Acadia email for you to submit directly to the organization.

Please ensure payment is made for your account balance by the payment deadline date.  Any external scholarship payment received at our office will be applied to the currently active term and may result in an account credit that can be requested as a refund.


Dependent, Staff or Assistant Varsity Coach Tuition Waivers

Dependent and Staff tuition waiver forms may be downloaded from the HR website.  The form must be signed by the staff member, dependent and HR before it can be processed by the Student Accounts office.  Documents can only be processed for the applicable term applied for.  Fall term discounts must be received prior to December 15th each year in order to be included in the current year’s income tax documents.

Assistant varsity coach tuition waivers may be obtained from the Department of Varsity Athletics.

International Options

GlobalPay for Students

The most reliable payment process for an international student to pay their fees from outside of Canada is through GlobalPay for Students.  This option allows you to pay your fees in the currency of your choice which then converts into Canadian dollars.

Your exchange rate quote is guaranteed for 72-hours after you receive your quote and you can track your payment as it moves through the system.

Payments made through this method are typically received 7 – 10 business days after your bank initiates the payment.

**EFFECTIVE JUNE 1, 2021**

The Canadian Government will require an address to process all incoming and outgoing Canadian payments.  Outgoing payments will require a beneficiary address.  Incoming payments will require a Remitter/Originator address along with a bank name/country.


Wire Payments

Wires can be sent to:

424 Main Street, Wolfville, NS  B4P 1C9
Bank ID #001
Bank Transit # 02063
Bank Account # 1010-842

Please ensure your student ID number (9-digit student ID usually starts 100..., 1000... or 000... , 7-digit Colleague ID preceded by 2 additional zeros, or 9-digit Application Reference ID) is included on all wire transfers as a reference.

You will be required to provide the following information:

  • Beneficiary BankBank of Montreal (no address required)
  • Recipient name is Acadia University
  • Your 11-digit beneficiary account number consisting of the 4-digit branch transit number and 7-digit account number (02061010842)
  • Routing information in the format //CC0001NNNNN where //CC0 is standard code, 001 is BMOS’s 3 digit bank institution number and N is the 5-digit branch transit number

When sending US funds, also provide the sending financial institution with:

  • If funds are being sent in U.S. Dollars also provide the sending financial institution with BMO's USD correspondent bank information:
  • Pay through Intermediary Bank:  Wells Fargo Bank (FKA Wachovia)
  • Or, Fedwire ABA: 026005092
  • Or, CHIPS UID: 143906

When sending funds from Europe:

  • For funds coming from Europe, the IBAN code is the same as the 4-digit transit number and 7-digit BMO Bank account number (without spaces or dashes).
  • BMO’s IBAN numbers is 02061010842

Payments made through this method can take 3 – 15 business days to be received and processed to your student account.  Failure to ensure your 9-digit student ID number is included on the transfer will result in the payment being rejected and returned to the sending institution.

We cannot accept payment using:

  • Credit Card
  • Visa or MasterCard Debit
  • International Debit Cards
  • E-mail transfers