Part Time and Per Course Fees

Students who are registered in less than 9-credit hours in a term are considered Part-time.

All fees are due and payable, in full, at registration.

Effective September 2020:

  Canadian / Domestic Undergraduate Part-Time and Per-Course Fees per 3hr-credit (unless otherwise noted)
Tuition Fees Total
Online Courses (not included in FT tuition)* $1,092.00 $140.00 $1,232.00
On-Campus Courses $1,092.00 $140.00 $ 1,232.00
Off-site & Lab Courses $1,092.00 $140.00 $1,232.00
BEd $1,132.00 $140.00 $1,272.00
Overload (registrations over 15-hours per term) $1,092.00 $140.00 $1,232.00
Seniors $988.00 $- $ 988.00
Axcess Acadia $596.00 $ - $ 596.00
Co-op work term, per 4-month course $926.00 $- $926.00
Co-op internship, per 12 to 16-month course $1,840.00 $- $1,840.00


  International Undergraduate Part-time and Per-Course Fees per 3-hr credit (unless otherwise noted)
Tuition Fees Total
Online Courses  (not included in FT tuition)* $2,081.00 $140.00 $2,221.00
On-Campus Courses $2,081.00 $ 140.00 $2,221.00
Off-site & Lab Courses $2,081.00 $ 140.00 $2,221.00
BEd $2,125.00 $ 140.00 $2,265.00
Overload (registrations over 15-hours per term) $2,081.00 $140.00 $2,221.00
Co-op work term, per 4-month course $1,909.00 $- $1,909.00
Co-op internship, per 12 to 16 month course $3,791.00 $- $3,791.00


  Graduate** Part-time and Per-Course Fees (per 3-hr credit unless otherwise noted)
Canadian/Domestic International
Online Courses $1,167.00 $ 2,402.00
On-Campus Courses $1,167.00 $2,402.00
Off-site & Lab Courses $1,167.00 $ 2,402.00


  Other Per-Course Fees
Canadian/Domestic International
Pre-University $525.00 $ 1,050.00

*Additional fees may apply for some MEd courses.

Other Part-time Student Fees (per 3 credit-hour course)

All Students
  Undergraduate Graduate
Student Fees (on-campus courses only,per 3-hr credit)    $10.30 $10.30
Extension Fees for Online Course $150 n/a
Course Withdrawal Fees More Information More Information
Payment Extension Fee $25 $25
Summer Institute Fee n/a $50

*With written permission of your Department Head / Director and the Director of Open Acadia, students may request registration in an undergraduate online course as part of their full-time tuition fee for the upcoming 2020-21 academic year.  This must be completed on or before the last day to add/change each term (September 30, 2020 for Fall; January 27, 2021 for Winter).  Registrations processed after these dates will be subject to per-course tuition fee charges. This is only for full-time students and will not be considered for overload situations.  Requests for electives are not likely to be approved (unless there is a compelling case made by the Department Head / Director…).  Permission will only be given in cases where no viable regular term option is available.

**Additional fees may apply for some MEd courses.

Please note:  In the case of a discrepancy in amounts on this page and the fee section of the Academic Calendar for the current Academic year, the Academic Calendar will be taken as correct.  The Board of Governors reserves the right to change fees at any time.