The Acadia University Post Office handles all incoming, outgoing and internal mail for faculty and staff.


  • Distribution of all internal/external faculty and staff mail.
  • Drop-off/pick-up location for couriered packages.
  • Registered mail.


NOTE FOR STUDENTS: All incoming mail for students at Acadia is directed through the Students' Union Post Office.


University Postal Codes
University Hall   Student Union Building
PO Boxes 1-315   PO Boxes 6001-7110
B4P 2R6   B4P 2R5
Chase Court   Chipman House
B4P 2P1   B4P 2P1
Christofor Hall   Crowell Tower
B4P 2P9   B4P 2P2
Cutten House   Dennis House
B4P 2P3   B4P 2P4
Eaton House   Raymond House
B4P 2P5   B4P 2P6
Roy Jodrey Hall   Seminary House
B4P 2R5   B4P 2P7
War Memorial House   Whitman House
B4P 2P8   B4P 2R4


Further information can be found under Forms & Policies.