Purchasing Services is responsible for purchasing equipment, supplies and services required for all departments and operations.


  • Vendor management
  • Requisitioning management with end users
  • Managing Purchase Orders
  • Monitoring and clearing for customs, couriers
  • Expediting deliveries (as required)
  • ISI - Multi-function device contract
  • Request for Proposals, Tenders, and Contract Management
  • Sale of surplus goods
  • Visa Procurement Card


Making a Purchase

Obtaining equipment, supplies and services through Purchasing Services is easy.

We can do the shopping for you, suggest a supplier or we can select the best one from our files.  Let us get you the best quality product or services for the lowest price.

We have on-going contracts for many items.  Give us a call and we can check if we have a current contract for that particular item.


Purchasing Methods

  • Visa Procurement Card - Purchases up to $500.00
  • Local Field Orders - For purchases in the local area under $300.00
  • Purchase Orders (through Datatel)- For all other purchases


Obtaining a Visa Procurement Card

  1. Contact Weston Gerrits, 585-1647 for training and card issuance.
  2. Used to purchase items up to $500.00 per transaction EXCLUDING travel, meals & entertainment.
  3. Submit monthly receipts to back up purchases.


To Purchase using a Local Field Order

  1. Pick up Local Field Orders at Purchasing Services
  2. Give white copy to supplier and obtain receipt from supplier
  3. Send yellow copy with attached receipt or invoice to Accounts Payable
  4. Retain pink copy for your files


Further information can be found under Forms & Policies.