Monitor Your Student Account

In August of each year you will be sent an e-mail to your Acadia email address notifying you when fees have been uploaded to your student account for the upcoming academic year. 

As a student, it is your responsibility to review your account information regularly to ensure all charges are as expected, all payments have been received and all balances are paid by the payment deadlines.  Your account balance can change as a result of changes to your program, course load, residence, meal plan, scholarships, late fees or fines.

You will be sent an email link monthly to your Acadia email address advising you of when your monthly statement is available for review in your secure documents site.  

You can also view your account online through your Colleague Self-Service portal that can be reached through myAcadia.

How am I charged for my fees?

Tuition, student fees, residence and meal plan costs are split 50/50 between the fall and winter terms.  Your monthly statement will advise you of what is due for each term at that point in time.    Other departmental charges may be applied at anytime over the course of the year. Department charges include, but are not limited to: behavior fines, library fines, print charges.

The cost of textbooks, class notes, mandatory supplies or other miscellaneous expenses are not included in the fees charged to your student account.

Outgoing Exchange Students

  • Tuition fees only will be applied to your student account for the term in which the exchange occurs.
  • All other fees must be paid at your host institution.

Incoming Exchange Students

  • You will be charged the mandatory ASU fees as well as the ASU Health and Dental plan.
  • Tuition fees will be payable at your home institution.



Student Accounts is often asked to disclose financial information on a student's account by parents and others so they can make accurate tuition payments.

University policy recognizes the financial account as belonging to the student and therefore, to protect student privacy, account information is considered confidential.  Students can choose to provide permission to a 3rd party to access their account information by completing a Release of Information document found on the HUB service portal under the Registrar's office list of services.

The University also collects specific and limited personal information on behalf of the Acadia Students' Union.  This information is used for membership administration, elections, and the administration of student benefit plans and is disclosed to the external plan providers solely for those purposes.  Students should contact the Acadia Students' Union if they have any questions regarding this matter.