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Student Accounts is located in the lower level of University Hall and is responsible for the collection of fees and charges pertaining to a student’s time at Acadia University.


T2202 Taxation documents are now available for students to download through Acadia Central.  Please note, the Student Accounts office cannot print this document for a student or release it to a 3rd party (parent or external organization).




Effective May 1, 2017, Acadia University will be discontinuing the use of credit cards for student accounts (tuition and related fees).

 Acadia University is the last university in Nova Scotia to discontinue the use of credit cards for tuition and related fees. This change aligns Acadia with industry standards and best practices. This measure is also in response to increasing Data Security Standards compliance and their related costs.

Acadia University offers a number of options to make payments on student accounts, including:

  • Internet or Telebanking*
  • Cash (Canadian and US)
  • Cheque and money order
  • Debit (in person)
  • Wire transfers
  • redemptions
  • International Payment transfer partner* (to be announced shortly)
  • Student Loans (Canadian and US)
  • 3rd party Sponsorships
  • Scholarships and Bursaries

*Note: These two types of transactions may allow for a credit card as a payment type in addition to bank accounts as a source of funds.

Credit cards will continue to be accepted for certain components of a student’s life: application fees, admission confirmation deposits, residence deposits, Bookstore, and Registrar’s Office services. The University will also still accept credit card for ancillary functions: non-credit (Open Acadia) courses, summer camp registrations and Box Office transactions. Donations to the University can still occur via credit card.

For a complete list of student account transactions for which a credit card will no longer be accepted, please see: How To Pay site

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Why is Acadia University discontinuing the use of credit cards for payments on student accounts?

Acadia is the last university in Nova Scotia to implement this change. Most universities in Canada do not accept credit cards for tuition and related fees. This change aligns Acadia to industry standards and best practices.  This measure is also in response to increasing Data Security Standards compliance and their related costs.  The cost of credit cards as a payment option plus the cost of Data Security Standards compliance is too significant to be maintained as an option.

  1. What are my payment options going to be?

Acadia University continues to offer a variety of convenient payment options for our students:

  • 24/7 online banking (“Acadia University” is registered as a payee with every major Canadian bank and regional credit union) *
  • telephone banking
  • direct transfer of funds (recommended for international students)
  • payment by mail with cheque, money order, or bank draft 
  • payment in person with debit, cash, cheque, money order, or bank draft
  • payment via Canada Student Loan

* Note :  Many banks allow for a credit card to be used rather than a bank account as a source of funds.

For further instructions concerning payment options and details on all of these options, including step-by-step instructions for online banking, are available on the Student Accounts website at:   How To Pay

  1. What is happening at other universities?

Most Canadian universities have already discontinued their usage due to the high costs. Several other universities including Mount Allison have never accepted credit card payments. Acadia is the last university in Nova Scotia to make this change.

  1. What can I use my credit cards to pay?

Credit cards will continue to be accepted for many other services such as application fees, confirmation and residence deposits, Registrar’s Office services and Bookstore purchases.

As a general rule, if the charge is associated with your student account, you will not be able to use a credit card. For a complete list please see How To Pay

  1. Why was I able to pay my application deposit by credit card but not my tuition fees?

It’s really about balancing convenience and cost. The Acadia University application process is a convenient online process for payment of deposits by students applying from across the province, the country, and around the world. To coordinate payments by any other method during the application process would actually be more expensive for the University. The use of credit cards for application fees is a standard for the industry.

  1. What if my student loan has not come in by the time the tuition payment is due?

Students who get their loan document signed by Student Accounts on or before the payment due date will not have late charges applied to their accounts. However, if the loans do not cover the fees in total, students are required to pay the balance by the due date or late fees will apply. 

  1. Many international students don’t have accounts with Canadian banks. What is being done to help them?

International students can pay through wire transfer or a new online international payment service that Acadia will be introducing for this purpose. Because transactions are direct, there is no risk of payments falling short due to fluctuating exchange rates and unexpected bank fees. Notifications will be sent to the campus community when this service is available.

  1. What else has Acadia done to make payment convenient for students?

The University provides a 24/7 online banking option through all the major financial institutions in Canada. This allows students to avoid line-ups and to pay at a time of day that is convenient for them.

However, if you currently use online banking where “Acadia University” is not set up as a payee, please advise us at (902) 585-1297 or and we will gladly arrange to become a payee with that institution.

  1. What other initiatives has Acadia taken to help students through this change?

The Student Accounts Office is in the process of creating an online service centre through the Acadia University Hub – .  Hub Services will allow students to request a refund cheque online, upload external scholarship and sponsorship documentation, request Axe Cash and commuter meal plan purchases. 

Acadia University will be adding Pay Stations around campus through the summer.  At these stations students will initially have the ability to purchase Axe Cash and commuter meal plans by using a bank card.   Through an automatic upload process, the purchased items will be available immediately for use.   These services may also be purchased through an online weblink, providing parents with the ability to add funds and plans as well.  The online weblink will also provide the ability to monitor the usage and remaining value.  It is hoped that print credits and other services will be added to these pay stations.

The Student Accounts office will work with students’ individual and unique situations through this transition period. We realize that there will be a need for flexibility in the upcoming year as students and families adjust to this new process.  If you wish to discuss your situation, please contact us at (902) 585-1297 or


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