The Manager, Research Accounting is responsible for administering research funds for the University.


  • Administer research funds.
  • Ensure reporting compliance of research funds.


All research carried out within the University must obtain assessment and approval from the Associate Vice-President Research, Innovation & Grad Studies. All research documentation must be signed and formalized by the Associate Vice-President Research, Innovation & Grad Studies before the Business Office will be granted permission to establish an account. Once all formal documentation is finalized, the Division of Research, Innovation, and Graduate Studies gives direction to the Manager, Research Accounting to open an account for the researcher and administer the contract/grant/agreement.

The Manager, Research Accounting will notify you of your account numbers and will be available if you need any financial information or help with procedures. The Manager submits all financial statements and invoices as requested in the research agreement documentation, and it is the responsibility of the researcher to submit all receipts for expenditures made against the account to the proper account code.


Further information can be found under Forms & Policies.