Certificate of Insurance

If a department within the University enters into an agreement with a party external to the University, the University is sometimes requested to provide proof of insurance coverage.  This can be accomplished through a certificate of insurance.  It is the role of the Manager, Procurement and Risk Management to determine if it is possible to provide the certificate of insurance.

A certificate of insurance serves as proof of coverage that an entity, in this case Acadia University, has appropriate insurance in place to cover students or employees while working or taking part in a course or other event on behalf of the University, at sites external to the University.

Requesting a Certificate of Insurance

If a department requires a certificate of insurance, the department administrator should fill out the Certificate of Insurance Form and email it to the Manager, Procurement and Risk Management.

If a student contacts Financial Services to request a certificate, they will be instructed to request the certificate through their department administrator.

Certificates of Insurance will be sent directly to the certificate holder if an email address is provided, with a copy sent to the department, unless otherwise specified.

If an email address is not provided, a copy will be sent to the department only with a request that the department forward it to the institution requesting proof of coverage.

The certificate can only be provided for the current calendar year, but can be renewed for subsequent years upon request.  Certificates will not be issued for future calendar years until close to the end of the current calendar year.

If the same event is taking place multiple times over the course of the year, there is no need to submit requests for multiple certificates.  One request can cover the entire year.

Processing Time

Please allow sufficient time for the certificate to be processed, by notifying the Risk Management Manager two weeks before it is required.  This will allow time to assess and review the request to make sure appropriate cover is in place or if it is possible to provide a certificate of insurance.  Not all requests are straight forward, and the Manager, Procurement and Risk Management may follow up with the department for further information before the certificate can be finalized.

Insurance Agreements

If the request for a certificate of insurance is a result of an existing agreement, please provide a copy of the agreement or the pages that refer to insurance.  The agreement may provide additional information pertinent to providing proof of coverage.  Ensure the agreement is appropriately signed.

When finalizing agreements and contracts with insurance clauses, it is recommended that you send them to the Manager, Procurement and Risk Management for review before finalizing the contract.  Procurement will review the requirements and confirm if Acadia has the coverage being requested.

Certificate of Insurance Form

The Certificate of Insurance form can be found on the upper right hand side of this page.