1. All sales or purchases of scrap or obsolete material must be arranged through the Purchasing Department. Individual Departments are not permitted to deal directly with junk dealers or others. Physical Plant, after consultation with the Purchasing Department, may dispose of surplus or obsolete materials either by sale or through junk dealers.


    1. Proceeds will be credited to departmental or special accounts, where appropriate. In the event that a sale cannot be realized, the department may donate the items with approval of the Purchasing Department and Section Head.


    1. Computer Equipment
      1. Contact Technology Services for specification on equipment and arrange for hard drive cleaning.
      2. Place a fair market price on equipment.
      3. Send specifications, asking price, viewing location and general ledger account number to Pat Mora, Purchasing Services.

Purchasing will send out a For Sale Notice with departments having first consideration on all surplus goods.


    1. Broken Computer Equipment

Contact the Help Desk Ext 4357 to have monitors discharged and all hard drives destroyed prior to disposal. Have Physical Plant pick up for disposal. Supply a list of disposed goods to Pat Mora.


    1. All Other Surplus Items

Send complete description, asking price, viewing location, contact name and general ledger account number to GPat Mora, Purchasing Services, to proceed with For Sale Notice.